Nearby Beaches

To the north are several delightful coves, ending with Le Racou (4km), to which you can walk along the clifftop if you're feeling fit. Beyond lie the wide sandy beaches of Argelès - but you'll definitely need a car for them. To the south, beyond Port-Vendres, lies the idyllic Paulilles cove (illustrated), comprising three beaches, Bernardi, del Mitg and Fourat - you must visit at least once.

The Beaches

The Village Beaches

When you look out from the Studio des Anges across the exquisite Ansa de la Baleta you see Plage St Vincent to the right of the famous clocher of Notre Dames des Anges, Plage Boramar to the left, and Plage de Port d'Avall (also known as Plage Faubourg - illustrated) to the left of the Château Royal. All are within easy walking distance. But there's a gorgeous little cove that's just five minutes away. Stroll down the hill, take the steps beside the celebrated Restaurant La Balette, and you're in an idyllic, secluded bay. And, of course, there's the swimming pool, even closer.

Further Beaches

At the Réserve Naturelle du Mas Larrieu, to the north of Argelès, as well as at the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà (illustrated) across the frontier near Roses, you can watch all kinds of birds and then go for a swim on the nearby sandy beaches. You may see marsh harriers, storks, booted eagles, colourful bee eaters and rollers and many others. You might also like to visit the coves of Spain's Cap de Creus, between Port de la Selva and Roses.